LAUREL Dory Plans


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SKILL LEVEL: Beginner.
CONSTRUCTION: Plywood-on-Chines
Flat bottom, Flared Sides, Double-ended
Mahogany (Occume etc.) Marine Plywood - planking
Red Cedar - floorboards
Mahogany (Meranti etc.) - all other wood
Silicon Bronze - Fastenings and Hardware
Spar Varnish - Trim, Topsides and Interior
Marine Enamel - Lower Hull, inside & out
Plan package: Two 16 x 42 Plan drawing sheets & 100-page illustrated instruction book. The prototype shown was built of Douglas Fir, Yellow Cedar, and Red Cedar.
"Laurel" is 15 feet 6 inches long with a beam of 46 inches and hull inside depth of 16 inches. Laurel is intended for rowing only. The hull is double-ended to minimize resistance and maximize seaworthiness. The narrow flat bottom provides good stability with low resistance, the fine ends and moderately narrow beam give decent speed, and the flared sides and raked stems shed waves. Laurel rows easily at moderate speeds, and will move quickly with only moderate strength. The standard layout with three seats and two rowing stations allows trimming the boat for different passenger loads and sea conditions. The boat can be built with an alternate layout for frequent tandem (double) rowing.

Laurel is an "inshore" type dory-skiff of a kind once common across Canada and the US on both inland and coastal waters. The extreme seaworthiness of the Banks-type fishing dories has been compromised to obtain better handling and speed on a shorter length, and lighter weight. This hull form is capable in rough water, has very shallow draft, and is nimble and responsive for exploring along the shore.